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Miss Brandt: Adventuress


A classic of crime fiction.

Independent, unconventional, seductive and highly intelligent. Anna Brandt, the notorious Fly-by-Night, is a jewel thief who moves in the highest circles of society. Hot on her trail is Scotland Yard detective Jack Dering, a dogged adversary who is determined to bring her to justice.

This is the first Kindle edition of Miss Brandt: Adventuress

Margery Harriet Lawrence (1889–1969) was an English author who specialized in supernatural and weird fiction. She also wrote romantic fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction and detective fiction. She was a progressive, independent woman and she populated her fiction with strong female characters. Miss Brandt: Adventuress, her debut novel, was initially serialised in Sovereign magazine in 1922 before its publication by Hutchinson & Co in 1923. Her second novel Red Heels (1924) about a seductive French dancer and serial heart-breaker, was adapted for the silver screen in Germany in 1925.

Some of Ms. Lawrence’s most popular titles include: The Madonna of Seven Moons (1931) The Bridge of Wonder (1939), and Number Seven, Queer Street (1945), a collection of cases featuring, Dr. Miles Pennoyer occult detective.

“A cracking good read.” Jess Nevins, The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Anna Brandt.

“The latest of a long line of adventurers as cultured and fascinating as they are wicked.” The Times, 1923

Imprint ROH Press legendary Detectives
Published 12/05/2020
ISBN 978-1-987886-63-4
Length 716 pages
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Miss Brandt: Adventuress


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