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The Edwardian James Bond.

Who is British fiction’s greatest-ever consulting detective? By fame alone many would probably answer Sherlock Holmes. By number of cases solved: Sexton Blake.

“The prince of the penny dreadfuls”, “the office boys’ Sherlock Holmes,” “the Edwardian James Bond”. For most of the 20th century, his name was known the length and breadth of Great Britain, the British Empire and around the world. Blake was a publishing phenomenon. He appeared in penny dreadfuls, story papers, dime novels, novels, comic books, plays, radio shows, television shows and movies..

ROH Press is proud to publish many of Blake's most popular tales, many for the first time since their original printing. You'll find tales from the Victorian and Edwardian era, Golden Age tales featuring his greatest foes, and tales penned by some of his most legendary authors: G.H. Teed, Michael Storm, Robert Murray Graydon and Edwy Searles Brooks.


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