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Animated Series

The 1990s saw the birth of the first Sandokan animated series. BRB in Spain transformed the legendary pirate into a tiger leading a band of pirates comprised of assorted cartoon animals. The series was quite popular throughout Europe. A few years later Italy's state-owned television, RAI, produced three animated series with Italian production house Mondo TV. You can find the enitre animated series on YouTube in both Italian and English.

Sandokan: The Tiger of Malaysia (Rai, Mondo TV, Italy)

Series 1: A 26-episode animated series based on Emilio Salgari's legendary pirate adventures

Singapore, 1859. Macassar, Sandokan’s guardian and teacher, is dying. On his deathbed, the old man reveals a secret he has kept for almost two decades: Sandokan is the son of the Rajah of Kiltar, and the only member of the royal family to have survived when the palace was attacked and burned by a tribe of mercenary Dyaks. Macassar gives Sandokan a medallion carved with the image of a tiger’s head, the symbol of his father’s kingdom and his only inheritance. He then tells Sandokan to seek out James Brooke, the Governor of Labuan, who may be able to shed light on the events of that terrible night. Determined to uncover the secrets of his past, Sandokan joins the crew of a British steamer and begins his quest to learn the truth…

Sandokan: The Tiger Roars Again (Rai, Mondo TV, Italy)

Series 2: A 26-episode animated series based on Emilio Salgari's legendary pirate adventures.

Things start to heat up in this new series set in Borneo, India, and southern China. Sandokan had claimed his inheritance and taken his place as Rajah of Kiltar, but just as he is becoming accustomed to his new kingdom, new problems threaten his throne. Aided by his ever loyal friends Yanez , Marianna, and the young Kammamuri, the new rajah will match wits with two new enemies: The White Rajah, a mysterious masked man who leads a band of ferocious ex-convicts and Nazima, the new priestess of the dreaded Thugs whose magical guardians include a mystical stone panther that moves as if of flesh and bone. Fighting Chinese monks, mysterious underground Indian cities, ghost armies and a visit to fabled Mompracem are but a few exciting moments no fan would want to miss…

Sandokan: The Two Tigers (Rai, Mondo TV, Italy)

Series 3: A 26-episode animated series based on Emilio Salgari's legendary pirate adventures.

The theft of an enormous ruby initiates a series of events that lead to Suyodhana's return. Meanwhile, in Kiltar, Sandokan's sword shatters! Our hero, along with his faithful sidekick Yanez, sets out for Madras to find a replacement - only to be captured! Will they escape or will Suyodhana finally get his revenge?

The Black Corsair (Mondo TV, Italy)

A 26-episode animated series based on Emilio Salgari's legendary pirate adventures.

The Black Corsair enters Maracaibo with two loyal men, Carmaux and Van Stiller, determined to retrieve the body of his brother the Red Corsair and give him proper burial at sea. Unfortunately, the men did not take into account the cunning of the of the city's governor, the terrible Duke Van Guld, a man the corsair has sworn to kill. Which of these two enemies will triumph? Swashbuckling action from episode to episode made the Black Corsair popular worldwide...

Yolanda: The Secret of the Black Rose (BRB, Spain)

Full movie based on Emilio Salgari's classic pirate adventure.

The Caribbean Sea in the seventeenth century... An era of mercenaries in search of new lands, treasures and riches. A new leader comes to rescue the corsairs of Tortuga. She is searching for three objects linked to a mysterious treasure. She is seeking her own destiny... symbolised by a Black Rose. Her heart is full of bravery and passion and her sword is hungry for justice. Yolanda, daughter of the Black Corsair has arrived. Based on Emilio Salgari’s Black Corsair saga, and narrated by the spirit of the Jolly Roger, the mysterious Captain Skull, this is the pirate series you have been waiting for!

Sandokan, The Princess and the Pirate (BRB, Spain)

A 26-episode animated series based on Emilio Salgari's legendary pirate adventures.

The first modern animated version available in North America. Very popular throughout Europe. First broadcast in English on Channel 4 in the UK. Deprived of his throne by the evil Rajah of Sarawak, Sandokan is forced to turn to piracy to feed himself and his loyal men. But when he learns of a secret passage into the Rajah's forbidding fortress, Sandokan sets sail to regain his lost kingdom...

The animated series was subsequently combined and re-edited to form one movie length story and released on DVD for the American market.