The Sandokan Series

The Tigers of Mompracem

Would you be the greatest pirate in the South China Sea or would you hang up your sword to be with the woman you love?

The Mystery of the Black Jungle

Who is killing the great hunter’s men?

The Pirates of Malaysia

The Tiger Roars again!

The Two Tigers

A rumble in the jungle.

The King of the Sea

One ship against the Empire!

Quest for a Throne

Can a handful of men take the throne of Assam?

The Reckoning

Sandokn sets out to reclaim his birthright.

The Mountain of Light

A jewel for an island...

Troubles in Assam

Yanez' greatest enemy moves against him...

The Black Corsair Series

The Black Corsair

How far would you go for revenge?

The Queen of the Caribbean

The vendetta continues...

Yolanda, The Black Corsair's Daughter

Swashbuckling runs in the family

Masterworks of Adventure


Swashbuckling action from the Barbary Coast to the Spanish Main! 7 classic tales by bestselling authors that have enthralled readers for generations!

Lost Worlds

Intrepid explorers. Powerful women rulers. Rider Haggrad's She, Baroness Orczy's The Gates of Kamt and others. The novels that defined a genre.

Mathias Sandorf

Jules Verne's tribute the alexandre dumas: a tale of revenge in the tradition of the Count of Monte Cristo.