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Sexton Blake: The Yvonne Cartier Files #1


“What a wonderful woman!... What a brain—what thoroughness! Truly, my unknown friend, you give the chase a decided zest!” ~Sexton Blake, Beyond Reach of the Law

Mademoiselle Yvonne Cartier. Yvonne the Adventuress. The Princess of Mystery. Whatever her title, most fans agree her first appearance changed Sexton Blake’s world forever. No female adversary before her matched her in style and daring, no one before her captured the detective’s heart so thoroughly. She quickly became a fan favourite and appeared in Blake adventures for thirteen years, at first matching wits with the great detective and then later fighting alongside him.

Mademoiselle Yvonne made her debut in an eight-part tale of vengeance that ran in the Union Jack from January to July 1913. Towards the end of the Edwardian age, the Cartiers are swindled out of their land in Australia. Yvonne swears vengeance upon the eight men who destroyed her family and begins to go after them one by one. This Sexton Blake anthology is a collection of the first four tales in the series: Beyond Reach of the Law, When Greek Meets Greek, On the Brink of Ruin and Settling Day. They were written by George Hamilton Teed (1886-1938) a Canadian writer who is regarded by fans as one of the best Sexton Blake authors of all time.

Beyond Reach of the Law & When Greek Meets Greek: Mark Hodder, Sexton Blake Bibliography, Blakiana

Imprint ROH Press Great Detectives and Master Criminals
Published 02/08/2020
ISBN 978-1-987886-68-9
Length 268 pages
Legendary Detectives
Sexton Blake: The Early Years
Sexton Blake: The Answers Casebook


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