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Sexton Blake: Spy Stories (The Golden Age #1)


“Mr. Blake, no doubt you are wondering why I have sent for you. I admit that it is rather an unusual course for a man of my position to adopt, but there are strong reasons for it.”

With those words, Sir Vrymer Fane, head of the British Secret Service, invited Sexton Blake into the world of international political intrigue. In the many cases that followed, the great detective would find himself allied with two of the most popular characters in the Blake canon: James “Granite” Grant, The King’s Spy, and Mademoiselle Julie of the French Secret Service.

Grant was renowned for his fearlessness and dogged determination, and reputed “the brains of the British Secret Service.” Mademoiselle Julie was a multi-skilled, highly intelligent agent whose uncommon beauty “could cast its spell over the strongest of men.” Together, the two would feature in some of the most popular tales of the Roaring Twenties. Sexton Blake: Spy Stories collects their first three adventures: The Case of the King’s Spy, The Case of the Strange Wireless Message and The Mystery of the Turkish Agreement.

Author Spotlight

Walter William Sayer was a popular writer of the twenties and thirties, who wrote under the name “Pierre Quiroule.” He was considered by many to be one of the most brilliant of all pre-war authors of Sexton Blake stories.

This is the first title in a series of anthologies that collects tales from Sexton Blake’s Golden Age. We’ll draw from a wide list of authors: John W. Bobin, Andrew Murray, William Murray Graydon, G. H. Teed, William J. Bayfield, and many others. Enjoy!

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The Case of the King’s Spy: Mark Hodder, Sexton Blake Bibliography, Blakiana

Imprint ROH Press Sexton Blake: The Golden Age
Published 18/07/2023
ISBN 978-1-998879-09-0
Length 646 pages
The Victorian and Edwardian Era
Sexton Blake: The Early Years
Sexton Blake: the Clique of Death
Sexton Blake: Friends and Allies
Sexton Blake: The Storm Files
Sexton Blake: The Answers Casebook

The Master Criminals
Sexton Blake: The First Super Villains
Sexton Blake: The Plummer Files
Sexton Blake: The Master Criminals
Sexton Blake: The Kew Files
Sexton Blake: The Carlac Files
Sexton Blake & Nelson Lee

The Golden Age
Sexton Blake: Spy Stories
Sexton Blake: The Three Murrays
Sexton Blake: The Claire Delisle Files

The Teed Files
Sexton Blake: Yvonne’s Vengeance
Sexton Blake: Rymer and Wu Ling
Sexton Blake: Wu Ling Strikes Again
Sexton Blake: Cunning Schemes
Sexton Blake: Palmer and Beauremon
Sexton Blake: Dawn of the Great War

Sexton Blake: The Criminals’ Confederation Series
Sexton Blake: The Bat Files
Sexton Blake: The Bat Files #2
Sexton Blake: The Bat Files #3
Sexton Blake: The Bat Files #4
Sexton Blake: Confederation Rising
Sexton Blake: The Sinister Island Saga
Sexton Blake: Yvonne Joins the Fight
Sexton Blake: Beware the Shadow
Sexton Blake: Plots and Intrigues
Sexton Blake: Reversals of Fortune
Sexton Blake: The Rival Presidents
Sexton Blake: Reece’s Republic
Sexton Blake: Twists in the Trail
Sexton Blake: Final Curtain

Nelson Lee, Detective
Nelson Lee: The Early Years
Nelson Lee: The Scott Files
Nelson Lee: The Black Wolf Files


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