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Sexton Blake: The Carlac Files (The Master Criminals #3)


“Some day that man and I will meet to fight to a finish. There is not enough room in the world for he and I. One of us must go—and it will be the best man that wins.” Sexton Blake on Count Ivor Carlac, Carlac—Gun-Runner, 1912

Cunning, unscrupulous and merciless, Count Ivor Carlac was one of Sexton Blake’s greatest foes, and the second master criminal to match wits with the famed detective. He made his debut in September 1912, perhaps in response to the popular tales featuring master criminal George Marsden Plummer, (Check out Sexton Blake; The First Super Villains) and instantly became a fan favourite, appearing in five tales by year’s end. After a three-year solo career, he teamed up with master criminal Professor Francis Kew in 1915. (Check out Sexton Blake: The Kew Files for more on the professor’s early career.) The two would often work together over the next 25 years, making their final appearance in The Fatal Fortune in 1939. In all Count Ivor Carlac appeared in 45 adventures.

Author Spotlight

Andrew Nicholas Murray (1880-1927) was a British author and former army officer. He wrote his first Sexton Blake tale in 1911, debuting in Union Jack #388 with Sexton Blake, Boxing Trainer. Murray was a very prolific writer, and was the second Blake author to publish a hundred tales featuring the great detective. He created several memorable master criminals including Count Ivor Carlac, Professor Francis Kew, Count Bonali, the Owl as well as popular Blake allies The Honorable John Lawless, Humble Begge, and Trouble Nantucket. He was renowned for his “smooth, cheerful, light-hearted style” and his tales were highly prized by Blake collectors throughout the last century.

This anthology collects the first four tales of Count Ivor Carlac’s solo career: It includes The Regent Street Robbery, The Case of the Borgia Bronze, The Opium Smugglers, and Carlac—Gun-Runner. Enjoy!

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The Regent Street Robbery: "An excellent introduction to one of Sexton Blake's nastiest opponents." Mark Hodder, Sexton Blake Bibliography, Blakiana

Imprint ROH Press Sexton Blake: The Golden Age
Published 18/07/2023
ISBN 978-1-998879-09-0
Length 646 pages
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